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For the girls who love pretty things

Meet Clare

I am a designer living and working in Ireland on a farm with my daughter, 3 dogs and a bird. My background is textile design and I started my business making collages from images I bought on eBay. I sold them in the shop I worked in and they sold instantly and it basically grew from there. I added glitter and sparkles and the handmade studio collection was born! The range has expanded to cards, stationary, trays, calendars, glass curios, mirrors and lots more.

The current collection features both in-house designs and products that are manufactured in the UK and France. Each item is made carefully with love and attention and we strive to provide a high quality product. I have been in business since 2007 and my line is sold at gift shows in the UK, Ireland and Europe. At the studio we have a very intimate team with lots of hands on deck during the busy season and sometimes just a handful of us when it's quite. I try to take time during the year to design and be inspired...I garden, play with my daughter, walk the dog, make jam and grow vegetable. I believe in laughing till it hurts, wearing lipstick and doing whatever it is that makes you happy. 


The beautiful store Bijouled (Harrogate, UK) are our longest customer stocking the full Clare Jordan collection since we started our business and we totally adore working with Georgina, Nevel and Rosie. Have a peek at their delightful blog and see what they have to say about us. Click Here to view the interview